Psyche Inspired celebrates Women in STEM

Event description

  • Academic events
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Open to the public

This exhibition highlights the artistic and creative works of 38 Psyche Inspired women interns from STEM fields. Psyche is both the name of an asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter—and the name of a NASA space mission to visit that asteroid, led by Arizona State University. The NASA Psyche Inspired program brings undergraduate students from any discipline or major together to share the excitement, innovation and scientific and engineering content of NASA’s Psyche mission with the public in new ways through musical scores, sculptures, painting, 3-D models, photography, acrylic art, needlepoint, stop-motion films, mixed media and more. The works tell the story of Psyche and are shared in an online gallery and in downloadable books. 

Plan your visit to Fletcher Library on the West campus and see the exhibit on the second floor. The exhibit is open Feb. 6 until May 13, 2023.

Image credit: "Breaking Barriers" by Chloe Carriere

Event contact

Casey Gipson

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Exhibit open during regular library hours

7:30 am10:00 pm (MST)


Fletcher Library, West campus