Senior Vault: JNR Dolls + Metanoia Archive Exhibition

Event description

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  • Free
  • Open to the public

The "Senior Vault: JNR Dolls + Metanoia Archive Exhibition" at Stauffer Gallery within the School of Arts, Media and Engineering is a captivating exploration of innovation and creativity in contemporary art. Showcasing the works of alumni students, this exhibition highlights the intersection of technology and artistic expression, offering visitors an immersive journey into the world of digital artistry and interactive installations.

In the collaborative project "JNR Dolls," Ronald Esguerra, Reinier Medina, and Nolan Adams converge various disciplines within media arts and sciences as well as digital-to-physical translation. Through meticulous utilization of 3D platforms and fabrication tools, they have brought to life a line of dolls - Miao, QQ, and Shai - embodying contemporary culture and generational encapsulation. This project serves as a testament to the artists' proficiency in digital fabrication techniques and their ability to translate conceptual ideas into tangible forms.

Meanwhile, "Metanoia," crafted by Saasil Caballero, Alysa Che, Tiana Do, and Bruce Razura Vega, offers a transformative experience within a physical space. By seamlessly blending sculptures, digital art, and interactive sensors, the artists have created an environment where visitors can actively engage and modify the atmosphere. This immersive installation not only showcases the artists' mastery of software such as Maya, Blender, and Adobe Illustrator but also underscores their adeptness in integrating interactive technologies to create dynamic and captivating experiences.

Event contact

DB Bauer

Tuesday, February 13, 2024


10:00 am5:00 pm (MST)


Stauffer Communication Arts Building - Stauffer Gallery