September 2023 Thinking Beyond - Cracking the Magnetic Code of Life

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“Ask a Physicist” has been renamed “Thinking Beyond” in order to encompass a broader range of topics. Our format will remain the same with a talk given by an expert and the audience participating by asking questions during the webinar or in advance.

The “Thinking Beyond” webinar series will feature renowned physicists Paul Davies, Sara Walker and Maulik Parikh from the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science at Arizona State University and will address a big question/topic in science. This month, Dr. Nirosha Murugan will present the topic and will be joined by Paul Davies and Sara Walker.

September's Webinar - Cracking the Magnetic Code of Life

Modern biology centers on molecules as discrete objects at the foundations of life. Within this paradigm, the “locks” and “keys” that enable cells to divide, migrate and differentiate are solids and interact like three-dimensional puzzle pieces in a fluid. Unfortunately, this model of life fails to adequately explain complex biological phenomena such as how the electrical fluctuations of brain cells can become synchronized over large distances, nor the puzzling changes in some animal behavior when the Earth’s magnetic field changes. Organisms function in part due to a hidden electromagnetic dimension beyond molecular biology, a discovery that has revolutionized our understanding of development and disease. In this talk, I will provide an overview of how biological organisms can interact with magnetic fields, discussing topics such as morphogenesis, carcinogenesis and regeneration. I will also discuss how magnetic fields can be patterned to develop novel therapeutics to improve clinical outcomes.

Please submit any advance questions to or you can also submit them during the webinar!

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Jessica Strycker

Monday, September 25, 2023


6:00 pm7:00 pm (MST)