Not Just A Month: The Politics of Indigenous Identifications

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Continuing our efforts to provide platforms for all voices at all times, Barrett has launched a series of events this semester titled "Not Just A Month" that intentionally offers programs, discussions and events outside of their designated cultural and heritage celebration weeks/months. This initiative was developed in hopes of highlighting the importance of continuing these conversations all year round. For this session, we will be focusing on specific terms, their historical context and the way they represent populations of people and their cultures.

Indigenous, Aboriginal, Native: the uses of these terms of identification have specific contextual meanings for those who identify with them. In this discussion, we'll consider how these terms are used on both sides of the Pacific, and how questions about naming relate to broader questions about representation for Indigenous peoples. Featured guests include City of University of New York's own Graham Akhurst; University of California – Los Angeles' own Dr. Ho'esta Mo'e'hahne, and Barrett's own Dr. Alex T. Young.

This event is open to all of ASU - you do not have to be a Barrett student to attend. For more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to Rafael at 

Rafael Esquer
Barrett, The Honors College