Please join the Arizona Historical Society, ASU Library's Black Collections, and the Black Family Genealogy and History Society to recognize the impact of Black communities in Arizona with a Juneteenth Celebration. Community members will connect with each other and a variety of organizations representing historical societies, action groups, state resources and the community at large.

For Leap Day, stop by ASU Library's Naturespace in Hayden Library to learn how to make origami leaping animals like frogs. We will have a variety of origami paper for you to create these leaping animals for leap day. Celebrate Leap Day at Naturespace!

ASU Library and Center for Science and the Imagination present “Griots and Galaxies: Unveiling the Multiverse of Black Speculative Fiction,” an exhibit at Hayden Library on ASU’s Tempe campus. The exhibit centers on the four primary genres that comprise Black Speculative Fiction—Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and (Alternate) History — demonstrating how each works to imagine better futures for Black people.

ASU Library has a new book arts space for the ASU Community!

Join us to celebrate the new Book Arts Studio, located on the third floor of Hayden Library on the Tempe campus. This unique studio space offers a variety of materials the community can use for projects like books and printmaking.

Explore the new binding machines, printing presses and book making Materials. Enjoy a short tour and demonstrations; plus get your questions answered about the space.

Stop by and see what sparks your creativity and imagination!

Come to ASU Library's Naturespace to learn about some of nature's architects.

Have you ever wondered how birds build their nests? Stop by Naturespace to explore different ways birds build their nests and then try building your own. Once you build your own nest, we will test it to see if it is structurally stable against a fall.

Will your nest be as successful as a bird's nests? Let us find out together! 

Attention all players! Join ASU Library's Naturespace for the Octopus games and a chance to win prizes by playing a collection of games inspired by the infamous Squid Games series.

As the second game in the Octopus games, we have switched up the rules for a more nature-related twist to the famous games of marble, chess, and war.

To find out what these games are about, come to Naturespace to test your ability and luck with Nature with the second of three games.

Join ASU Library's Naturespace at Hayden Library for a discussion about the different difficulties that we face on hiking trails.

We will look at different Arizona hikes and what skill level it takes to hike them. We will discuss what it takes to hike some of the hardest hikes in the valley and what hikes are for beginners, intermediates and experts.

Explore with us the hiking trails in the Arizona Sonoran Desert.

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