Animals have always been amazing architects.

Join ASU Library's Naturespace to learn about beaver dam building and try to build our own dams out of materials that beavers use. After we build our own dams, we will test out how sturdy they are by putting them through the water test.

Stop by and explore animal architects with us.

Join ASU Library's Naturespace in Hayden Library to learn about species within the natural history collection. In this Nature Journaling exercise, we will get up and personal with one specimen within the collection. Observe, document and ask questions about how nature forms patterns.

Have you ever wondered what was in an owl’s diet? In this workshop, we will explore what is in an owl pellet and try to answer questions like what bones are inside an owl pellet, their functions and the animals they belong to.

If you are interested in learning what owls eat, stop by the ASU Library's Naturespace room 311E at Hayden Library to dissect an owl pellet and find out what is inside.

You may know how a typical butterfly wing looks, but would you recognize it magnified by 100 times its normal size? Drop into ASU Library's Naturespace third floor of Hayden Library for a fun microscope guessing game to find out! View specimens through the microscope and test your knowledge of the microscopic level. Microscopic structures can tell us much about how organisms interact with their environments. Be amazed by nature’s hidden structures!

Are you an avid board game player? Come to ASU Library's Naturespace in Hayden Library to play some fun board games inspired by nature! We have a variety of games inspired by environmental geniuses found in the natural world. Stop by Naturespace and join us for a gaming afternoon. 

Join ASU Library's Naturespace in Hayden Library and try your hand at making shell art. Create art pieces with sea shells while enjoying an opportunity to engage with others. We will provide shells for any artistic purpose. Bring a friend so they can design their next shell masterpiece with you.

Want to create a stamp? Stop by ASU Library's Naturespace in Hayden Library to learn how to do a cut on a speedy carve block. Whether you are an expert or a novice, any level of carving experience is welcome to join us for a morning of creativity.

Do you like birds? Do you wonder what kind of birds are on ASU Tempe Campus? Join ASU Library's Naturespace on a birdwatching tour around the Tempe campus, where we can view the different birds that live there. After seeking out birds on campus, we will head to Naturespace and discuss our findings. Meet us up in Hayden Library's Naturespace 311E before we head out to explore. Bring your binoculars, a pair of sturdy walking shoes and go birding with us.

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