There is more to learn! Building on the exploration of Unsupervised Machine Learning in the prior week, in this Open Lab, Digital Humanities Analyst Namig Abbasov, will cover association rule learning and reinforcement techniques and their applications. Time permitting, we will also conceptually examine semi-supervised learning.

Expanding upon the principles of Supervised Machine Learning, in this Open Lab, Digital Humanities Analyst Namig Abbasov, will cover machine learning techniques tailored for regression problems, along with the metrics used to evaluate these techniques. We will also examine ensemble learning methods as much as time allows. 

Attention all players! Join Naturespace for the Octopus games, for the chance to win prizes by playing Red Light, Green Light with a twist. As the first game in the Octopus games, we have switched up the rules for a more nature-related experience. These rules will be shared during the game. In order to play fair, we cannot disclose any further information. To find out what these games are about, join us on the Hayden Library concourse level patio to test your ability and luck in Nature with the first of four games.

Have you ever sat outdoors and listened to the sounds around you? For this nature journaling exercise, Naturespace is going outside to listen to the sounds around the Tempe campus. We will create a soundscape map of the world of sounds and discuss our findings. Join us at Naturespace while we listen to the sounds of the Tempe campus. Bring a nature journal and explore with us.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a book? This workshop focuses on one method of bookmaking, the Coptic stitch. We will have supplies and a variety of covers for you to choose from. Come to Hayden Library's Naturespace to learn with us as we explore the creative arts of bookmaking.

Have you ever wondered what kind of patterns form in nature? Discover nature's patterns through journaling. Take a deeper look into the natural world by drawing and writing in a journal at Naturespace in Hayden Library. We will discover the similarities between species to learn more about the creatures that share our world. Come by Naturespace and explore the many patterns found on planet Earth. We can provide you with a journal or bring your own.

Explore nature through art at Hayden Library’s Naturespace! If you are interested in a relaxing sketching session with the library's natural history collection, come by with your art supplies and start drawing. Don't have art supplies? No worries, we have drawing pencils and paper on-site for use.

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